Wednesday, July 13, 2022


 In conformity with the provision of Rwandan Law   N°04/2012 of 17/02/2012 governing the organization and functioning of national non-governmental organizations in Rwanda, a national non-governmental organization was established in November 2018 and was legally granted legal personality N° 822/RGB/NGO/LP/05/2022 by RGB (Rwanda Governance board) under the name « Innovative Agronomists for Development Organization (INADEO) ». The head office of the Organization is located in Nyanza District, Southern Province of Rwanda. 


To contribute to a comprehensive development of youth and all Rwandan people with an emphasis on skills development and Socio-economic development.


To envision an inclusive socio-economic system that addresses the socio-economic needs of all Rwandans.


In struggling to achieve our mission and vision, we serve with confidence, creativity, integrity, commitment, passion, innovation, respect, excellence, accountability and transparency.

Activities of INADEO

  • To increase agricultural produce on scientific basis through on-farm trainings
  • To train farmers on value chain improvement and building a strong market networks
  • To Advocate and campaign for change as a response to need in agriculture
  • To disseminate knowledge among Rwandan Youth through trainings, technical assistance, enabling them to be good entrepreneurs
  • To fight against malnutrition and poverty within Rwandan society
  • To protect environment in order to achieve sustainable development

  • To provide professionally researched advice to Stakeholders on issues of concern and work, where appropriate, in partnership with them to achieve common aims and objectives.